Integrating Talent Acquisition and Competency Building

Addressing the Skill Gap

Training & Development

Develop Your Talent Succession planning is more important than ever before. Statistics Canada data forecasts a labour and skills shortage past 2030. For instance, existing workers may not have the new technological skills that employers need. The aging of the baby boomer generation, that is already retiring in huge numbers, and a continuing shortage of both quantity and quality of people to replace them is resulting in a severe shortage of technical skills and leadership. Additionally, companies need their Millennials to step up sooner to help fill the gaps, but their Millennials need the proper skills for the job.


Addressing The Skill Gap

This is where iTAC can provide additional support to your organization. We will help you identify and address learning and development areas and help you effectively fill critical skill gaps. Our learning and development division will help you enhance the skills of existing employees and new hires by identifying training needs and deploying effective tools and training to enhance their skills. We will help you build rather than buy talented successors. iTAC will help you plan, prepare and integrate processes that will help evolve your talent management.

“If you want to keep them, develop them.”

Our Process

We will help you to evaluate:

  • What does the organization need from its people in order to align with its business strategy?
  • What are the gaps between organizational needs and human resource capacity?
  • Are you developing your employees’ company and industry knowledge?

Then we will help you create a learning and development plan and assist you in auctioning the plan -right down to facilitating the training required. Skilled talent is the lifeblood of any company. Building the capability to develop your skilled employees and new hires ensures greater company success.

We provide:

  • Accredited training and development solutions and programs
  • Accredited insurance General Level 1 and General Level 2 licensing programs, RIBO and insurance management training
  • Certified and accredited training courses for the Construction, Industrial and Oil & Gas Industry
  • Tailored orientation programs adapted to the organization’s specific needs
  • Integrated Employee Development Plans

Start training for your Career today!

As a Career Seeker, whether you are interested in other industry career opportunities or you wish to increase your value in your present industry, get the training you need to be considered for great opportunities in your targeted career profession.

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