Integrating Talent Acquisition and Competency Building

For Employers

Our Process

iTAC ensures that a placement fits in to your company based on multiple levels of alignment, qualifications, experience and the current team environment. We know the wrong fit can impact your entire organization by impacting employee productivity and in some instances lost business opportunity.

Relationship Building

This is the first step in our Talent Acquisition process. We will meet with senior leadership and hiring managers to gain a better understanding of the successes and challengers they are experiencing in acquiring talent. At this stage we will discuss and determine expectations, accountabilities and what each person’s role is in the hiring process. We will listen to your needs, and ensure we understand the search criteria in order to properly assess potential talent. A detailed job profile will be determined and we will ensure we understand the specific skill set and credentials that you, the employer are seeking.

During this stage we want to ensure we have gained an understanding of your organization. We will use our in-depth relationship with you, our client, to secure talent that is not only qualified to do the job but also fits into your unique corporate culture.

Talent Sourcing

We have a keen eye for talent. In today’s job market, finding qualified candidates is not the issue. Finding the right talent that will make a positive contribution to your business is.

We do not use the traditional ‘head hunting’ approach. Talent placement for us starts with getting to know the core values, personality types and overall skill set necessary for the position and then creating TA strategies based on this.

Three Step process

Steps in the Talent Acquisition Process

Assessment: This is the initial assessment phase with candidates. We require the interested candidates to complete a tailored questionnaire that will help us to identify the most promising of the talent pool.

Interviewing: We conduct in-depth interviews with those identified from the initial assessment to be promising talent. At this stage we will uncover their skill and knowledge base, experience, aspirations and achievements. We will eliminate those individuals who do not meet the criteria identified as a match for your organization.

Talent Presentation: We will present you with a short list of talent and begin the introduction process.

Interview Phase: We will schedule communications including initial interviews, second interviews (when required), and talent follow-up and de-briefing. We conduct reference checks on short listed talent upon request.

Offer Phase: We support both the client and the candidate during the offer phase, ensuring that the negotiations run smoothly and that information is clearly communicated.

After the Offer: We follow up with both client and candidate after their start date and during their guarantee period to ensure that successful “on-boarding” is occurring and a successful match has been made.

Guarantee: We provide a 90-day guarantee. If it’s determined that the selected candidate is not suitable, we will provide a one-time replacement for that position at no cost.

“Find the right fit, the first time.”

Whether you are looking for on-demand executive recruiting, help crafting a recruitment strategy, or assistance building an internal recruiting capability, iTAC can provide the tools, processes, talent, and guidance required.

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