Integrating Talent Acquisition and Competency Building


We are the ultimate matchmaker; finding the right career seeker for our company clients, and the right company for our acquired talent who are looking for a career opportunity. Our team has over 25 years of expertise in guiding our career seekers and company clients through the talent acquisition process. We have consistently demonstrated the ability to ‘Find the right fit, the first time.’ We understand that acquisition and development is an ongoing process and therefore partner with organizations, as an extension of their HR department. It begins with attracting candidates, moves to sourcing talent, acquiring the right talent, and then the hiring of the selected talent.

Even though our primary focus has been on sourcing the best talent for our clients in the insurance and industrial industries; we have a track record of success in many other sectors, including Banking, Financial Services, Engineering, IT, Professional Services, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Construction.

iTAC provides the solutions to guide and assist talent in their quest to find a fulfilling career opportunity, and positions our company clients in finding exceptional talent, both now and in the future. We understand employer and candidate perspectives. With this understanding, we are able to assist organizations in communicating their value proposition and guide them in positioning themselves to attract our top talent. The talent we represent is an integral part of our process, and we are committed to assisting and directing exceptional talent in finding opportunities that match their career aspirations.

Let us facilitate your journey in finding the right fit, the first time.

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Mailing address: 88006 Rabbit Hill PO, Edmonton, AB. T6R 0G4, Canada